Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the store based?

Los Angeles, CA

Do you ship internationally?

We now ship worldwide!

What is this store’s return and exchange policy?

All sales are final. Returns and Exchanges will not be accepted.

Will the prints be signed?

Almost every print has a digital signature. If you connect with me at an event, I’d be happy to sign a physical signature on anything you’d like.

How long will it take to receive my order?

Expect around 10 days for domestic orders and 2+ weeks for international shipping.

Will I get a tracking number?

Every order comes with tracking information.

What if something is wrong with my order?

If you have a problem with an order from the store, please contact us using the form under the Info tab.

Why are there so many sizes?

We are currently transitioning to better paper quality and sizes. We’ll continue to sell the previous sizes until we completely transition.

Shipping ANd Handling

Estimated Shipping Rate:

*Orders over $60 are eligible for Free Shipping with the coupon code: COLORDODGE at checkout

Domestic (United States):

Print - $5.95


Print - $12


Print - $15